"Human Resources isnt' a thing we do. Its' the thing that runs our business" - Steve Wynn

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Why Greenflaps?

Mid-way through the second decade of 21st Century we are seeing massive disruption across Industries in every Vertical. Although technology is playing a big part in this disruption, at no other time has the need for the right Talent been felt more acute than today.

The key ingredients to finding the right Talent are the same as before viz. Attitude, Experience, and Knowledge but due to the pace of Disruption, candidates with right mix of Experience and Knowledge are a shrinking pool. Compounding this problem is the dramatic fall in the time to hire.

Talent needs to be hired now, else Companies could lose deals, or even worse go out of Business. On the other hand Candidates are either willing to bide their time for the right offer or shifting jobs till they find the right job. Traditional Recruitment firms are struggling to cope due to lack of specialized skills needed to meet current challenges.

About Company

We are bunch of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in Recruitment, IT Services, Sales and Marketing having worked for some of the largest Recruitment and IT companies of the world.

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  • 1035, 1st Main, KHB Industrial Layout,
  • Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore - 560064
  • +91 944 900 8850
  • meera@greenflaps.com